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Vintage Clothing NZ Made - G-Gees - Gina Sinclair

Vintage Clothing NZ Made

A super popular trend at the moment is vintage clothing, however authentic pieces are becoming hard to find and are often in sizes far too small (did they just not eat back then or something?!!) 
Well!! Let me tell you about a New Zealand made brand that I am becoming obsessed with.
It is a little hard for me because if I write it here then its not a secret anymore is it?!
But hey, I’ve got to give you some reward for reading my many ramblings so here it is…


My, without a doubt, hands down, absolute FAVOURITE vintage brand, and they’re New Zealand made <3
Some of you may know this name already, or what it was originally before being exported to Australia – “Hullabaloo”, as it was one of the top iconic labels of the 70s in NZ, at one point employing close to 1000 people.
Ran by Isabel Harris and her partner Brain Hall until they closed shop in 1993, they were also quite well known for taking legal action against another local company for copying their designs, which contributed to the creation of the copyright act in 1994.
This, I think, is what lead to their unique labelling where the year is printed on each garment (as well as a strict warning not to copy) which I think is super handy in trying to determine what era it comes from!!

Holding true to vintage style, each garment is really well made with impressive craftmanship. I almost just KNOW if something is Thornton Hall when I see the quality of the garment (and that its vintage!) 
Another thing that I’m loving at the moment is velvet (Check out my new velvet/merino snugs!) and Thornton Hall seem to have a lot of it so needless to say I am building quite an extensive collection.

Anywho, if you’re not sporting the vintage sizing, then check out my range for vintage inspired clothing from the 1950’s era with the added benefit of custom design and sizing all the way up to 22 and beyond. 

​Info on Thornton Hall sourced here

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G-Gee's is the owner and director of G-Gee's Sustainable Fashion and has a love for all things sustainable.

4 thoughts on “Vintage Clothing NZ Made”

  1. Hi I have an amazing ball dress size 12 perfect condition wondering if it is worth selling ?? I bought it in the late 80s here in Hobart Tasmania. I have a number of photos if your interested in seeing them 🙂

    • Hi ya! Definitely worth a shot, 80s/90s styles are becoming more popular. We have a site in NZ called Trade Me where it’s good to sell these, the equivalent in Aus might be E-Bay? Good luck!


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