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Shapely Spectrum Collection
Upcycled fashion for your body shape
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Celebrating body shapes that are as beautiful as they are unique
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RE-designing the current fashion industry standard
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Vintage Inspired Fashion

NZ made and up-cycled

Sustainable Fashion

NZ designed and made

Size inclusive

“Loud, Proud and Pocket-ed”

You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it, that beige linen boxy dress that’s sustainable and ethical. It suits, like, maybe 10% of the population? Don’t get me wrong, its beautiful. But hay, what about the rest of us, slightly eccentric, out of proportion, style queens that love purple AND sustainability?? Well, my beautiful divas, I’ve got you!

G-Gee’s vision is to make environmentally and socially sustainable fashion the fashion of choice, my mission is to make this loud, proud and as diverse to the wearer as their gorgeous body shape (WITH pockets – don’t get me started on that, that’s another pet peeve).

Want to know how we at G-Gee’s are achieving the much-thrashed buzz word of sustainability? Check it out here. Otherwise check out my pretties and treat yo-self!


Vintage-Inspired Dresses


Sustainable Fashion

Vintage-inspired Skirts and Petticoats

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