Size Diversity

You’ve heard of Size Inclusive brands? Can I just break the mold here and be Size diverse?!

Let me explain….

Size Inclusive

Size inclusive-ness is so important. How can you express yourself with clothes that don’t fit you? The average woman in NZ is a size 16, so why is it that this is a size large in most brands? As much as I love the 50’s, we’re promoting vintage style, not vintage values. G-Gee’s size range reflects this – our medium is a size 14/16.

Converge Runway show 2019 (Photo by Elias Rodriguez)

Size Diverse

A lot of brands are talking about size inclusiveness at the moment, and I love that. However body shape? You dont see many (any?!) sizing catered towards this….

Most women (about 60%) have a “bigger at the bottom” body shape. And so, the industry sizing you see out there (size 10, 12, 14 etc) is catered towards this. But what about the other 40%? The hour-glass, straight-shaped, diamond-shaped, bigger at the top and every other beautiful body shape under the sun? Size diversity is about not just providing all ranges of sizes but looking at body shape as well. You’ll see that G-Gee’s product range caters for all types – most have style notes written on the product notes. I am also working on new product ranges designed specifically for each body shape. No more buying separates or sizes that are too big in order to have a dress that fits everywhere!

The first of the “Shapely Spectrum” upcycled range is out now – check it out here.

Then WATCH THIS SPACE for the stylised dress range catered to each body shape coming out Summer 2022, I have been working on these beauties for 2 years and I am super excited!!


I provide a bespoke service where garments can be made suited to your exact measurements and desired style and colours. As part of this service, I can also provide basic advice on your colour palette and body shape. I work in partnership with Nina at Style Gorgeous, she has some great tips and knowledge in this area. If you wanted to take your style journey further, check out her website here.

I also endeavour to provide a “custom to your measurements” option for most of my designs that are released in a range of sizes. This is for no extra charge. If you need a slight design change in a design that I have released I am happy to work with you on this as well.

An example of a design change to my Rainbow Circle skirt. The back is elasticated while the front is the band from the original design.