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Plastic-free July; the personal journey towards sustainability - G-Gees - Gina Sinclair

Plastic-free July; the personal journey towards sustainability

Alright, I bit the bullet. I’ve been wanting to try Plastic Free July for a while now but always remember like half-way into the month then it doesn’t seem as cool (and lets be honest, my laziness takes over) But this is the year!
I’ve journaled my adventures thus far (lucky you!) so here they are ????

Day 1
Feeling optimistic! Researched alternatives for toothpaste, dog food and milk and found some good options.
Went out for brunch with my sis in law and the café had those cute little compli-MINT-ary mints (get it) that were wrapped in PLASTIC. Picked one up, unwrapped and put in my mouth before my brain engaged, damn you little tempting sweet freebies of doom!!!

Day 2
Went to butchers, ordered a half brisket, said I didn’t want plastic, they halved a whole brisket, that was wrapped in plastic and gave it to me without ????
And of course, I had forgot my container so had to ask them to put in my reusable bag;
Butcher “the bag is dirty”
Me “Its fine, its clean”
Butcher “but it will make the bag dirty”
Me “its fine, ill wash it”
Butcher “but…”

​Day 3
Picked up some toothpaste in a jar – can refill the jar ????
Had to look at the grocery list which was very overwhelming.
Looked into toilet paper not wrapped in plastic, some online are expensive but looks like they’re making alternatives readily available in supermarkets too, so will check that out.
May need to make our own wraps and burger buns but might end up saving money.
Bought an ice-cream birthday cake for mum online, had to email and ask them if it comes in plastic free packaging, I’m that annoying customer now.

Day 4
Dog food showed up, shipped in cardboard box, winning.
Opened it up, still wrapped in plastic albeit “less” plastic. Apparently needed to keep dog food fresh?!
Went to butchers closer to home, all wrapped in plastic, ugh
Got most of my veggies plastic free from local grocery store, whoop!
Tried my hand at making sour cream, let’s see if it works!
Day 5
Trip to supermarket, asked for sausages to be put in own container, lady had to talk to manager and after much flailing of her hands and shaking her head, they put my container through the dishwasher and agreed ????
Found toilet paper wrapped in paper, whoop!
All boxes with tea bags in it were wrapped in plastic, found some that weren’t, got home and opened up box only to find each individual tea bag was wrapped ????
Made our own wraps – was really easy and cheap!!
Sour cream worked!! Also much cheaper option. Recipe for those interested;
1 cup cream
1/4 cup milk
Juice of one lemon
Leave for 24-48 hours in room temperature with no lid however with covering over top
Chill and there you go!
Day 7
After going to 3 butchers, I gave up and bought some mince wrapped in plastic ????
More research needed…

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