“Straight Street” Upcycled Jumpsuit


Part of the “Shapely Spectrum” series, this upcycled jumpsuit is designed to suit a “straight” shaped body


“Straight Street” brings all the attention to the waist by utilising the reflector bands and bright orange material that is characteristic of those classy Roadwork overalls that it was up-cycled from.

The hem of the pant can be folded up, revealing a reflector band on each leg – incidentally making it a great outfit for making sure you are visible while on a bicycle too!!

Style tip – This will great on anyone who wants to bring attention to their waist. It would great on “bigger at the top” ladies as well as with the leg hems folded up, as these bring attention to the lower half of your body.

Measurements ;

Bust 84 – 95cm

Waist 79 – 84cm

Hip 84 – 93cm



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