Reusable Face Masks – Rainbow


Rainbow cotton outer layer, perfect for queer community or just if you like rainbows!

Inner layer red stretch cotton.

Size Adult Medium

Available on backorder


These masks are made according to World Health Organisation recommendations.

They include three layers:
Outer layer is cotton or polyester to act as droplet and moisture repellent (NOTE – polyester is recommended by WHO as the material for the outer layer).

Inner layer is a light-coloured cotton as its breathable and the light colour means you can easily see when its moist and needing to be washed.

Middle layer is removable so it can be replaced and is made out of polypropylene (same fabric as a reusable shopping bag!)

Ear straps are stretch fabric which gives a comfier fit than elastic.

I have also added a bendable wire so it can easily mold to your nose, which can prevent fogging of your glasses.

It is recommended that these masks be washed daily in hot or warm water. Remove the inner layer before wash.

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