Celebrating Size Diversity

Gina Sinclair

Celebrating Size Diversity

I love the uniqueness of people and that they come in all shapes and sizes. I think this provides a unique challenge for us as designers to figure out how our clothes can fit you – for too long, its been the other way around and its time to change that!

My new “Shapely Spectrum” upcycled range re-designs the industry standard with styles and designs celebrating different body shapes that are as beautiful as they are unique, check them out here or read on to learn more about the different body shapes, how to figure out which one you are and some tips on how to dress for each shape.

A Strengths-based Approach

Dressing for your body shape is about portraying balance. It helps you to draw attention away from the parts about your body you like less and highlight the parts you love. If I was to use community development language for a second, it’s a strengths-based approach.

Of course, dressing for your body shape is not something you have to do. Like anything else, it’s a tool in your style kit that you can choose to use or ignore all together. Just a reminder here – ignoring the style “rules” and dressing however the heck you want is totally an option too!!

Bigger at the top

Their bust or shoulders are their biggest measurement, usually around 5% larger. Known as “the sporty type” due to small, narrow hips and broad shoulders.

Style Tip

Bring attention to your lower body by wearing patterned or bright coloured skirts or pants and keeping it darker and more subtle around the top. Detailing such as hip pockets or interest around the hem will also draw the eye down. Top heavy bods can sometimes seem shorter so you can elongate your torso by wearing v necklines and keeping the waistline longer. Short sleeves can bring eye to your bust so elbow length, three quarter or full length sleeves look great on you.


They generally have bust and hips that are around the same size and carry their weight around the middle. Hip can be slightly larger – around 5-7%.

Style Tip

Highlighting the bust and hip draws attention away from the middle, bringing the appearance of balance. Diamond shaped babes usually have thinner legs and arms so don’t be afraid to show these off with shorter skirts and sleeves. Accentuating under the bust, which is usually the thinnest part of your body, with empire style tops is always a win.

Bigger at the bottom

Their hips are their biggest measurement, around 8-10% bigger than the other measurements. Sometimes they have a defined waist and tend to carry weight in their upper arms as well.

Style Tip

Highlight the upper part of the body – deep v-neck, wide collared shirts that are colourful and patterned can help to achieve this. Three-quarter sleeve brings attention to your waist and A-line dresses that are fitted at the top and flare out at the waist give the appearance that you’re that tiny all over.


Their bust and waist are equal measurements and they have a defined waist – at least 10% smaller than the other measurements

Style Tip

Don’t hide your curves! They are beautiful and sexy, no matter what your size. Fitted clothes that show off the line of your body and tailor in at your petite waist are ideal.

Cropped tops and short fitted jackets with a high waisted pant or skirt can also highlight the waist and help to flatten the tummy.


Their waist, hips and bust are around the same size, waist can be up to 5% smaller. They’re quite possibly on the taller side.

Style Tip

Defining your waist with contrasting belts, colours or say, a high-vis reflector, is your thing. If you wanted to bring shape to your hip or bust, clothes with volume around these areas can help to do this. E.g. a blouse with a pussy-bow or a dress/skirt with peplum detailing.

Hint – if a dress holds its shape on a hanger, its more likely to shape to your bod.

It can be a bit tricky to tell whether you are straight, hourglass or diamond shaped as they are quite similar. This can also be where enlisting the help of a professional could be of benefit too. Nina at Style Gorgeous has been teaching me all I know on this and I am so grateful for her knowledge and expertise! Be sure to check her out here if you want to go further in unlocking style you enjoy.

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