Bringing Circularity into fashion

Bringing circularity into fashion.
G-Gee's circularity initiative

I’m so excited to introduce how G-Gee’s is bringing circularity into fashion! 

Circularity – what is it? 

Well, circularity basically means the life cycle of a product becomes a circle instead of a straight line.

The straight line is called a “linear” life cycle or economy. This means that materials to make the product are taken from the earth or made, then its used, and then its thrown out – take, make, use, waste.

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The “circle” is called a circular life cycle or economy – make, use, remake/reuse. So once the product is used for its current purpose, a new purpose is found. This means a happier planet and theres also benefits for you too! More on this later.

Here’s how G-Gee’s does it


G-Gee’s vision is sustainable fashion. Sustainability means looking at the way we consume and how it is affecting the things around us. One of those things is the environment and the rate at which we currently consume is just not sustainable.
I look at it kind-of like a relationship between us and Mother nature. We already know that she looks after and provides for us. But what about us? Well, we are currently taking more than we give and TBH, it’s pretty toxic. Like any toxic relationship, both end up being hurt.
This is my way to start to look at healthier ways to relate to our beautiful world.

Theres more on how and why on my About and Sustainability pages if you’d like to check that out.

Benefits for you

The great thing about a healthy relationship is that there are benefits for you too! Here’s some personal benefits that G-Gee’s circularity initiative can bring;

  • A 10% discount when you return or money in your pocket when you re-sell
  • A unique outift that no-one else has!
  • A flattering outfit that is made to your style, body shape and personality
  • The satisfaction knowing that you’re saving the planet AND providing a job to a very happy wee seamstress

Why would you not really? ;)

About Me

G-Gee's is the owner and director of G-Gee's Sustainable Fashion and has a love for all things sustainable.

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